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Harry Saxon is an illustrator and comics colourist from Greece, he is currently 40 years old. He is trans and it is an important thing to him. 
He's been doing illustration and comics work since 1999* and has worked with a lot of well known newspapers, magazines and comic publishers. 
He is currently mostly doing comics colouring work. He has worked in titles nominated for the prestigious Eisner Comic Industry Award, GLAAD Media Award and others. Harry is always enthusiastic when it comes to comics with social sensitivities, slice of life stories, science fiction, and fantasy.
You might know his work from titles such as Dark Horse Comics' "Killer Queens", Vault Comics’ 'Vagrant Queen' and its successor 'Vagrant Queen: A Planet Called Doom' and 'Test', and Black Mask’s 'Sex Death Revolution'. 

If you don’t know his work, this is an excellent way of getting started: 

browse this website ( ) ,
follow him on Twitter at @Eru_Rouraito and/or 
follow him on Instagram at @harrysaxonpm . 
You can also check out his Etsy store ( ), 
if you're into Etsy stores and love to shower artists with funds and kind words.

Not exhaustive cv follows, work prior 2012 might be included in future edits of this resume

*alas under a different name

Comics, Illustration and art projects:

Currently working on:
TBA 2023-Present Script/Art/Colour for unannounced OGN
TBA 2023 Illustrations for unannounced illustration anthology
Dark Horse Comics  2023-Present  Colouring for "Killer Queens v2" limited series
Monsterverse Entertainment  2020-Present  Colouring for "Bella Donna: Million Dollar Baby"
Band Of Bards  2020-Present Colouring for "Final Gamble"              
Dauntless Stories  2020-Present  Colouring for "Black Skies"

[Publisher name reducted] 2022 Colouring for unpublished boardgame
Can You Keep A Secret?  2022 Colouring for Can You Keep A Secret? charity comic
Dark Horse Comics  2020-2022 Colouring for "Killer Queens" limited series
Queer Comix  2018-2022  Colouring for "The Miracles"
Mad Cave Comics  2020-2021  Colouring for "Wolvenheart" promo material
Detox - El Camino  2020  Colouring for animation, for the video clip "El Camino" by Detox
Emerald Uprising  2020 Colouring of "Emerald Uprising" for online comics competition
Vault Comics  2019-2020  Colouring for "Vagrant Queen: A Planet Called Doom"
Vault Comics  2018-2019  Colouring for "Test"
Vault Comics  2017-2019  Colouring for "Vagrant Queen"
Black Mask Comics  2017-2019  Colouring for "Sex Death Revolution"
Liberal Judaism  2017-2018  Lead illustrator, participant/oral history provider for "Rainbow Pilgrims" oral history project, exhibition and relevant tour, online exhibition"
Lancaster Fun Palace  2017  Designer, project manager of the annual arts and sciences festival                
IDW  2016  Colouring for "Love Is Love" comics anthology for the benefit of the victims of Orlando, Florida
ArtMob  2016-2018  Exhibitor in trans awareness raising exhibition "Continuum : Framing Trans Lives in 21st Century Britain" by transgender and non-binary artists at the Manchester People's History Museum (and relative touring) with comic diptych "Good Things/Bad Things about being a Greek Trans Immigrant In The UK"                          
Lancaster Fun Palace  2016  Designer, project manager of the annual arts and sciences festival              
Lancaster Mini-Fun Palace  2016  Designer, project manager of taster for the annual arts and sciences festival                
Edinburgh Intl. Film Festival "POW!!!" retrospective  2016  Colouring for promotional material                
NESS comic series  2016  Colouring for promotional material                
Subversive Comics  2016  Colouring assistance for "Metal Made Flesh"              
The Robert Gillow  2016-2017  Design, Suspended Coffee scheme development                
Vapochem (Research and Retail) Ltd  2016  Branding/identity design                
Knockout Productions  2016-2017  Animation colouring, editing for storyboards                
Toyburg Press/Comixology  2016-2016  Colouring for "Torsobear 3"              
Bondage Bunny Comics  2015-2016  Colouring for ""Rainbow Killers"                
The Leper  2015-2017  Colouring of "The Leper"              
The Dark Side Of The Lune  2015-2018  Identity, branding, promotional material              
The Rose Company theatre company  2015-2017  Identity, poster/flyer design, banners for CORIOLANUS production              
Ill Snow  2015-2017  Colouring of animated comic ""Ill Snow"              
Lancaster People’s Cafe  2015-2017  Identity, posters, flyers for food poverty and social inclusion community charity group
Lancaster Fun Palace  2015  Designer, project manager of the annual arts and sciences festival              
Sturgeon’s Law theatre company  2015  Identity, poster design for PORTAL 2 BY TWO production              
Toyburg Press/Comixology  2015  Colouring for "Torsobear 2"                
Transrealities  2014-2015  Colouring for "Transrealities"            
Redline comics  2014-2015  Colouring for "Andrew Jackson In Space"            
TOMS Greece shoes  2014  Promotional illustrations                
Coates theatre company  2014  PARTICLES production tour identity, promotional design
Monsterverse Entertainment/Comixology  2014-2015  Colouring for "Belladonna"
Sturgeon’s Law theatre company  2014-2015  Rebranding, poster, flyer design for MAIROULA production tour
Arcana Prod. 2014-2015  Colouring for "Just A Flesh Wound" in "Steampunk Originals v8" Anthology
Dude What? comics  2014-2015  Colouring for "Unlawful Good"
Raisin & Willow  2014  Morecambe Winter Gardens Sea Breeze production identity design, promotional material design, limited edition promotional material design, packaging design
HOVÉLO Hove based cycling club  2014  Official club apparel design
Lancaster Fun Palace  2014  Designer, project manager of the annual arts and sciences festival                
The Dark Side Of The Lune  2014-2018  Monthly events promotional material illustration and design
The Journey And Other Short Stories  2014-2015  Book cover illustration, promotional material design
Toyburg Press/Comixology  2014  Colouring for Colouring for "Torsobear 1"              
Unthank Comics  2014-2017  Colouring for "Freak-Out Squares" 1-3
Monsterverse Entertainment/Comixology  2014  Colouring for "Halloween Man"                
Freaktown comics  2014-2018  Colouring for "Slashermania"              
More Music  2014  FRONTIERLAND production identity, promotion illustration and design                
The Rose Company theatre company  2014  Identity and promotional material design for IPHIGENIA production
The Rose Company theatre company  2014  Identity and promotional material design for I HAVE A SPEECH OF FIRE production
Lancaster Emerging Arts Platform (LEAP)  2013-2014  Identity and promotional material design                
Mancster Con 2013-2014  Anthology artwork design                    
Arcana Prod.  2013  Colouring for "Human Resources"
Arcana Prod.  2013  Colouring for "Kaijuu Onmyoji"  in "Steampunk Originals v4" Anthology                  
Sturgeon’s Law theatre company  2013-2014  Identity and promotional material design for MAIROULA production                
Innocent In The Afterlife  2013  Book cover design                
Undercover Agent online comic series  2013  Colouring for "Undercovered Agent"              
All Our Yesterdays  2012-2013  Book cover and identity design                
The American College Of Greece – Pierce DEREE ALBA Sociology Society  2012-2013  Promotional material design                


Queer Art, the bloom of Greek LGBTqia Illustration  Official Comicdom Con exhibition @ Technopolis, 2023, Athens, Greece
HUMAN CAST 1st Inclusive Art Festival (multidisciplinary arts festival) - Queer Art Exhibition @ HGW std., 2022, Athens, Greece
Athens Comics Museum 15 years of ComicDom Con retrospective, 2021, Athens Comics Museum website
Athens Comics Museum En Aithria exhibition Retrospective, 2021, Athens Comics Museum website
Rainbow Pilgrims exhibition @ Wiener Library, 2018, London, UK (plus relative tour, in Bristol, Brighton, Manchester,  V&A Museum London, TATE Britian + other locations and online exhibition)
Fan Fic Art exhibition @ Deptford Cinema, 2018, London, UK
En Ethria comics exhibition 2018, Athens, Greece
Continuum : Framing Trans Lives in 21st Century Britain, an ArtMob exhibition @ Manchester People's History Museum, Manchester, UK, 2016 (plus relative tour and online exhibition)
Untagged, Thessaloniki Rainbow Youth exhibition @ Thessaloniki Pride, 2016, Salonica, Greece
Anti-racism exhibition, Deport Racism Movement, 2016, Ksanthi, Greece
En Ethria comics exhibition 2016, Athens, Greece
Lancashire LGBT film festival exhibition @ The Bureau, 2015, Blackburn, UK
COM(gen)ICS phase 2, online academic project/multimedia exhibition, 2015
Artists In The Nude, online project/exhibition, 2015
COM(gen)ICS, online academic project/comics exhibition, 2015
En Ethria comics exhibition 2015, Athens, Greece
The Doctor's Universe, Doctor Who exhibition, 2015, Treviso, Italy
The Doctor's Universe, Doctor Who exhibition, 2014, Milan, Italy
Genders and Authority festival, 2014, Nicosia, Cyprus
En Ethria comics exhibition 2014, Ispra, Italy / Athens, Greece et al
comics and cartoon exhibition @ Diversity Fest, 2011, Athens, Greece
comics exhibition@ Athens Comicdom Con, 2010, Athens, Greece
La Antenna comics exhibition @ Microcosmos cinema, 2009, Athens, Greece
Combum Comics Festival, 2009, Egion, Greece
En Ethria comics exhibition 2008, Athens, Greece
Greek Comics and Cartoon Panorama, 2007, Beograd, Serbia
Annual Cartoon Exhibition of Lafisti, 2007, Levadia, Greece
untitled comics exhibition, 2007, Salonica, Greece
untitled comics exhibition, 2006, Komotini, Greece
Delta dairies’ comic exhibition, 2006, Salonica, Greece
6th comics exhibition of Aristotelion University of Salonica , 2006, Salonica, Greece
5th comics exhibition of Aristotelion University of Salonica, 2005, Salonica, Greece
comics exhibition @ Cofix, 2004, Salonica, Greece